What is Artisan Food Selection

What is Artisan Food Selection

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You can find us at the Nieuwmarkt farmer's market on Saturday and Wednesday at the Haarlemmerplein farmer's market in Amsterdam.

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Venandi Sauvage

Lyon, France


100% French wild boar terrine with cranberries and Port – In partnership with “La Mère Brazier”
This terrine is composed of 50% French wild boar meat as well as pork throat. Although it is the fattest game meat, it remains 5 times less fat than classic pork with a clearly comparable taste.

Lingonberries, also known as cranberries, add a tangy, fruity note to the terrine. Their unique flavor blends harmoniously with the power of wild boar meat, creating a perfect balance between sweetness and character.


Port, a Portuguese fortified wine, brings a touch of elegance to this terrine. Its subtle aroma and slight sweet note complement the flavors of the meat and cranberries, adding a refined dimension to the whole.


Wild boars live in our French forests without the influence of humans on their diet. Being omnivorous, the wild boar feeds mainly on plants (tubers, acorns, cereals, etc.) but also on mushrooms and small animals.


Our terrine is made with care, using traditional artisanal methods. This guarantees a creamy texture and a balanced distribution of flavors, for an unforgettable taste experience.


Venandi Sauvage 

We want to highlight that the wild meat comes exclusively from sustainable hunting practiced in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France.


Ingredients: Wild boar meat 50g (France origin), pork throat (France origin), cranberries 7%, pork liver (France origin), smoked pork belly, salt, AOC port 1%, onions, pepper, garlic.


We are not responsible for any bone splinters and projectiles that wild game may contain.

terrine-100-french-wild-boar-terrine-with-cranberries-and-port-venandi-sauvage-france terrine-100-french-wild-boar-terrine-with-cranberries-and-port-venandi-sauvage-france