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calabria, apero, olive

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Even the "Ammaccate", crushed olives are the preserve that is identified with Calabria, when emigrants made their journeys by train to reach distant Germany, when mothers prepare "packages" to send to their children at university, when you want to send a present to a friend, the preserve is always present in the packages, together with the soppressata, it was a jar of bruised olives. To prepare this specialty, green olives from the month of October are used. They are crushed with a stone, the stones are removed, they are sweetened naturally by leaving them in running water for at least a week. When you no longer feel the bitter taste they are ready to be seasoned. They are weighed overnight and placed in large containers, seasoned with salt, extra virgin olive oil, wild fennel seeds, hot chilli flakes, sweet chilli powder, garlic, a good stir and then put in pots.


Fresh green olives, salt, extra virgin olive oil, wild fennel, garlic, chili flakes and powder. 200g


Agrichef Barbieri recommends:
With a good aperitif, in a traditional starter, to be enjoyed at dinner with a good piece of spicy pecorino.