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apero, olive

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Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical processes. 100% Italian – 2023/2024 harvest campaign – Cold extracted –750ml


Our company has approximately 22 hectares of land for a total of 8,000 olive trees, divided into several olive groves that develop from the first hinterland of Imperia up to Lucinasco. The Taggiasca cultivar represents only 1% of Italian olive production, resulting in a rare product, unique in the world, appreciated for its unmistakable organoleptic profile and its delicate nature. Our extra virgin oil is the expression of our territory: only Taggiasca olives from selected plots, beaten by hand and transported to the oil mill, defoliated, washed and pressed the same day. A single production line, a single particularly identifying product that expresses our work and our company philosophy, without compromise. A simple, clear and transparent process: each vintage has its own peculiarities and is different from the previous one. The result represents the essence of our terroir.