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100% French wild boar rillette with cognac and black pepper 150g.

Wild boar rillette with cognac and black pepper made in collaboration with our friends from the Bamboche Academy grocery store.


Our rillette is made up of 75% French wild boar meat.
Although it is the fattest game meat, it remains 5 times less fat than classic pork with a comparable taste.
Black pepper, harvested when ripe, provides a very particular seasoning which gives this rillette aromas of wood and fruit. Finally, to add creaminess and character to our rillette, we add French duck fat.


Wild boars live in our French forests without the influence of humans on their diet. Omnivorous, the wild boar feeds mainly on plants (tubers, acorns, cereals, etc.) but also on mushrooms and small animals.


Ingredients: Wild boar meat 78%, duck fat, red wine (sulphite), cognac 4%, salt, garlic, pepper 3.3%, thyme.


We are not responsible for any bone fragments and projectiles that wild game may contain.

french-wild-boar-rillette-with-cognac-and-black-pepper-venandi-sauvage-france french-wild-boar-rillette-with-cognac-and-black-pepper-venandi-sauvage-france