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apero, fish

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Sardines are like good wine, they improve with time, return the can every months.


Steam cooking, +digestible, +light, +healthy 115g


INGREDIENTS: Sardines (sardina pilchardus) 28% marinade sauce (water, alcohol vinegar*, salt, sugar*, natural lemon arône* lemon juice* 0.1% thickener: xanthan gum, basil*0.05%), lemon wedge* 2 %


NO ILLEGAL FISHING All our fisheries are FRIEND OF THE SEA certified. They are traced using Capture certificates. Capitaine Nat' is a different cooking method, it's steam cooking, +digestible + light + healthy. Steam cooking preserves all the flavors, fish are less fatty and therefore more digestible than with the “old-fashioned” method, which consists of frying them in an oil bath.