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Wild Mushrooms & Chestnuts
Aperitivo, Spreads & Sott'olio
Funghi Chiodo
Locally sourced
wild, cream

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This extraordinary product consists of chili peppers filled with a delicious Porcini Mushroom cream, made with high-quality ingredients, including olive oil, vinegar, salt, and vegetable aromas. 212ml.


“Tronchetti Silani” are a captivating blend of intense flavors. The heat of the chili peppers harmoniously combines with the richness and complexity of the Porcini Mushroom cream, creating a unique flavor contrast.

This product offers a bold and spicy culinary experience that will satisfy the most adventurous palates.

tronchetti-silani-funghi-chiodo-italy tronchetti-silani-funghi-chiodo-italy