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Venandi Sauvage
Locally sourced

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Wild boar terrine with Beaujolais 100% French
In collaboration with our friends at the Bamboche Academy grocery store.


Discover our 100% French Beaujolais wild boar terrine composed of 50% wild boar meat , a perfect combination between wild boar meat and the delicate aromas of the famous Beaujolais wine.


Our terrine is made with care, using traditional artisanal methods. This guarantees a creamy texture and a balanced distribution of flavors, for an unforgettable taste experience.


Venandi Sauvage 
We want to highlight that the wild meat comes exclusively from sustainable hunting practiced in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France.

Ingredients: Wild boar meat 50%, gorge de proc, red Beaujolais 7%, pork liver, smoked bacon, salt, onions, garlic, pepper, thyme. 180g

We are not responsible for any bone splinters and projectiles that wild game may contain.

terrine-100-french-wild-boar-terrine-with-beaujolais-venandi-sauvage-france terrine-100-french-wild-boar-terrine-with-beaujolais-venandi-sauvage-france