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Amphora Wine Selection by Terè Ruse Wine Box Red NewCondition 75.00
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Amphora Wine Selection by Terè Ruse Wine Box NewCondition 75.00
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Amphora Wine Selection by Terè Ruse Wine Box With Handle NewCondition 75.00
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A Gift for Any Occasion
Are you looking for a gift to celebrate life's most precious moments? A thoughtfully selected celebration-worthy gift means so much to the recipient and can make any special occasion feel not just acknowledged, but truly celebrated! We've pulled together with Terè Ruse a selection of 3 bottles of natural and organic wines to share our passion for great food & wine.


Dui Luc: white wine vinified in amphora
Planting this particular vine was a bet made by one of our members a few years ago, we started vinifying it in 2017 in terracotta amphorae making a white wine by maceration on the skins, but not by oxidation.


At the end of fermentation the wine rests in an amphora on the fine lees until the following spring, after which it undergoes racking and bottling at the beginning of summer.


Fèstegè: classic method Rosé
(quality rosé sparkling wine)
Our sparkling wine produced from Freisa grapes.
The grapes are manually harvested in boxes at an early stage of ripeness, pressed and left in the press for a short maceration which allows us to extract a light quantity of color and all the typical aromas of the vine. 


Freisa share the 85% of DNA with Nebbiolo, so quite similar, but with less aggressive tannins and higher acidity.


El Do Tère

“Le Due Terre”, the red, clayey and tenacious earth on which the oldest Barbera vineyard we have grows, and the cooked earth of the amphorae in which we vinify the grapes harvested in this vineyard. This is the wine we enjoy the most!
With a very long maceration on the skins, which continues for a long time after the end of fermentation and a long period of aging always in amphora, we have found the right expressive key for a vine that increasingly demonstrates its versatility. The true queen of our hills!