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Agricola Doria's own production of Senatore Cappelli wheat pasta.

Calabria, Italy


Our products are born exclusively from the production of the company's olive trees and wheat fields, the first of which date back to fifty years ago, up to  the latest generation plants, all grown 

under organic farming.


Products in the box:

1 x Spaghetti pasta 500g
1 x Spaghetti ricurvi pasta 500g
1 x Mezzi ziti pasta 500g
1 x Fusilloni pasta 500g
1 x Matta pasta 500g
1 x Paladino pasta 500g
1 x Anelli pasta 500g
1 x Fusilloni grossetto and bergamot pasta 500g
2 x Tagliolini pasta 250g each
2 x Tagliatelle pasta 250g each
1 x flour 1kg


Pasta and flour: made with Agricola Doria's own production of Senatore Cappelli durum wheat semolina.