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Lu Cavalire 

Biodynamic farming chili products

Abruzzo, Italy


Products in the box:

6 x producer's choice of 2 bottles of each extra virgin olive oil with chili pepper 100ml

6 x producer's choice of mild to hot jars of chili sot'olio 106ml


Condiment based on extra virgin olive oil with chili pepper: Obtained exclusively by letting the chilies rest in infusion for three months in extra virgin olive oil in steel vats. No flavorings are added and its slow cold infusion allows you to fully maintain all the organoleptic qualities of the extra virgin olive oil and chili pepper.


Chili in extra virgin olive oil: In our Abruzzese tradition and especially in the province of Teramo, hot peppers have always been preserved in extra virgin olive oil, this to make up for the lack of fresh fruit during the long winter months. Its processing is entirely done by hand, this means that all the gustatory and nutritional properties of this wonderful spice are guaranteed in the best way, no additives or preservatives are added, in full respect of the ancient peasant tradition. Its conservation in extra virgin oil makes the product truly unique, its consistency is enhanced and it is soft, extremely pleasant on the palate.