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Selection of extra virgin olive oil, olives, dry herbs and mountain tea - Made in Greece

Sparta, Greece


Purity: Produced solely by mechanical methods without the use of fertilizers and pesticides, and thus producing an olive oil that is pure and beneficial for us.


Products in the box:

1 x extra virgin olive oil in tin 500ml

1 x Kalamon colossal olives whole glass jar 200g

1 x Kalamon superior olives whole glass jar 200g

1 x green olives whole glass jar 200g

1 x oregano ground bag 50g

1 x thyme bag 50g

1 x mountain tea bag 30g

1 x balsam grass bag 50g


Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Made with the famous varieties of Koroneiki and Athinoelia that produce olive oil of supreme quality in big quantities with a rich sweet taste, aroma and a thick texture. The olive oil from these varieties is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. The olives are picked by hand or by shaking the tree with a stick or with machinery. After harvesting the fruit is transferred immediately to the olive press in order to prevent fermentation and mold growth that degrades the quality of the olive oil. Tasting : Fruity Olive oil with the tones of Apple and banana, light tones of white pepper with a touch of mace, beautiful filming and lobed olive oil with a clear green colour


Kalamon Olives: Kalamon olives have a slightly savory flavor while the green ones have a lemon flavor. Ingredients: Kalamon olives are in brine, vinegar and a little olive oil.

Green Kalamon olives are in brine, citric acid and slices of lemon.

They contain no preservatives and GMOs. Not oxidized.


Herbs: All herbs can be considered BIO. There is no official certification but they are harvested from the mountains so no chemicals used.

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