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Saucissons & Terrines
Venandi Sauvage
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“Elegance” gift box 

Our “L’Élégance” box is a unique gift whose contents will amaze the taste buds of whoever opens it. Indeed, it is composed of an assortment of VENANDI grocery products: 3 sausages, 3 terrines and 1 rillette; all made from 100% French wild game meat and carefully produced in the Lyon region.


“Farm to table” this product will be shipped directly from the producer to your doorstep.


This box includes:

3 wild game terrines: refined artisanal terrines, prepared with selected pieces of French wild game. Their authentic taste and delicate texture make them real delicacies.


Wild boar terrine with chestnuts (100g)
Wild roe deer terrine with apricots and pistachios (100g)
Wild red deer terrine with death trumpets and hazelnuts (100g)
1 wild boar rillette with whiskey and black pepper (100g) : a melting and fragrant rillette, prepared from slowly simmered and subtly seasoned French wild game meat. Ideal for aperitifs or moments of conviviality.


3 wild game sausages: artisanal sausages, made with noble French wild game meats. Their robust taste and tender texture make them a unique taste experience!


Wild deer sausage (180g)
Wild venison sausage (180g)
Wild boar sausage with hazelnuts (180g)

Remember that a dry sausage does not reveal all its flavors when it is too fresh! Enjoy it at room temperature.


Venandi Sauvage 

We want to highlight that the wild meat comes exclusively from sustainable hunting practiced in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France.


We are not responsible for any bone splinters and projectiles that wild game may contain.