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Azienda Aricola Francesco Casoli

Extra virgin olive oil obtained by regenerative organic agriculture, adopting them in our tiny world, pursuing Earth's health and people's.

Marche, Italy


Products in the box:

2 x boxes of extra virgin olive oil 5l each (bag in box to keep the characteristics unchanged once opened).


When each olive reaches its degree of ripeness, checked both with physical and sensory methods, we pick them by hand, and we convert them in extra virgin olive oil within 12-24h with a continuous cycle system. This is an essential production point for our farm because it allows us to keep intact all the organoleptic properties from the harvesting to the table. This process give birth to three oils: a Leccino monocultivar, a Leccino, Raggiola and Moraiolo blend, called “Tufo” and a Leccino and Raggiola blend.


Obtained from olives harvested and pressed within 24 hours, it is extracted on the latest generation machinery in order to best preserve the characteristics of the starting fruit.

extra-virgin-olive-oil-2-bags-of-5l-in-the-box-francesco-casoli-italy extra-virgin-olive-oil-2-bags-of-5l-in-the-box-francesco-casoli-italy