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What is Artisan Food Selection

What is Artisan Food Selection


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Every Saturday we are at the Nieuwmarkt Farmer's Market in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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extra virgin olive oil, made in Italy
extra virgin olive oil

Francesco Casoli

Azienda Agricola Francesco Casoli

Pesaro, Marche, Italy

The Francesco Casoli's Farm was born in 2018, starting from some maternal family fields, located in the beautiful Novilara, one of the Pesaro's hamlet. Originally the production was mainly dedicated to cereals and wine grapes, and it was guided by Francesco's parents and his uncle. Joining in this business, Francesco focused on olive oil production and vegetables plantation, pushed by his profound love and dedication to all the regenerative organic agriculture world. 

In fact one of our goals is to improve soil texture and health, through agronomic practices, such as grassing, green manure and fertilization with organic fertilizers. Plus, since many years we shred pruning residues, or we use it to produce wood chips instead of burning them, with the aim to be redistributed on the ground, increasing the lift and the carbon sequestration capacity of the ground. 

We are a young growing company, focused on olive oil trees, vegetables and  aromatic herbs.
Speaking of olive oil, our net consists in approximately 100 olive trees, followed by other 500 renting and management trees. Taking care of most local olive trees heritage, rescuing this fields that the owners cannot manage, it's another crucial point of our philosophy. The abandonment of the countryside involves a serious loss in terms of agricultural, genetic and landscape legacy in all the world, in particular we feel strongly about this doesn't happen in our lands. We would expand ourselves, managing others near proprieties and we would try to keep, and preserve more and more local varieties of olive trees, fruit trees and vegetables. One day we would be able to build also a production workshop, increasing our zero kilometer philosophy. 

Our effort is to constant research and employ new techniques and innovations in regenerative organic agriculture, adopting them in our tiny world, pursuing Earth's health and people's.

Our aim also consists in share our philosophy with other European countries and let them understand our love and efforts through our products.

extra virgin olive oil
extra virgin olive oil
extra virgin olive oil
extra virgin olive oil
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